How to travel absolutely luggage-free

Bienvenue en France!

You might find yourself moving away to study or work too, and one of the things you have to think about is how you can move all that stuff you have in your wardrobe and home comforts that you sure are not going to find at your destined country (I really miss my soy).

So what misadventure did I get up to?

Well, from London to Poitiers, I decided it would be best if I take the train (Eurostar, then TGV) – that way I can carry more things with me for another £30, compared to taking a Ryanair flight. In addition, I also had one 25kg box sent to my address. But naive old me didn’t think that if I took the plane and sent my things via door-to-door courier instead, my bank account and my back would have had a happy ending.

What we really should have done in this situation:

If you’re also flying via budget airlines, which only allows one hand luggage, use SendmyBag for easier and cheaper shipping. Let’s face it; train journeys suck (mine arrived late and it took 4 hours longer than a plane ride direct to Poitiers airport) and having the weight of your chest – quite literally – feels so much better. Also, check out this comparison spreadsheet I’ve made.

Use my referral link or referral code 2f13f to get 10% off your first order from SendmyBag.

Happy ending!

HowToUnii is an international student guide website – I created it when I went to France to study abroad and realised a few tricks off the books to make life easier, cheaper and more fun to be living in another country.




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