How to not lose files again… ever!

Where’s my stuff?

One of the lessons we had to learn the hard way is that our laptops/desktops are not very reliable or, at times, even we can’t be trusted ourselves. Read on if you never want to lose files ever again from selfies (don’t even try to deny it) to school essays and songs that are in their hundreds or thousands.

So what misadventure did I get up to?

In total honesty, I had quite a few misadventures this year alone regarding mismanagement and couldn’t believe myself as I found a solution only many months after my first fail: forgetting my laptop charger in London, and only realizing after I landed in Poitiers. My PowerPoint slides were in the hard drive of my laptop, and the reason I came back early was to prepare for a group report. In addition to this, I have also forgotten or lost my USB stick a couple of times from when I started life at university. So there’s some not-so-happy endings in my story so far.

If you’re having the same problems:

Thankfully, there is Dropbox to save us from ruining our academic lives and save our files online for us to access from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Another thing I love about this service is that I don’t get messages telling me that my attachment size is too large when I try to collaborate with other classmates. I also reckon I give you guys a break from my spreadsheets and do without one in this post.

I really reccommend that you use Dropbox; I owe my good grades to it, so sign up for a free account right here.

Happy ending!

HowToUnii is an international student guide website – I created it when I went to France to study abroad and realised a few tricks off the books to make life easier, cheaper and more fun to be living in another country.



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