How to be a cheeseball on Valentine’s Day

They say that home is where the heart is. So when the holiday season came, and I was halfway through my semester abroad, I illustrated those words onto a blank canvas, then broke it up into puzzle pieces as a present. I gave it to the person I loved to solve, but hid the final piece in a second gift.

Before we parted again, I took 6 pieces back. I sent 5 by mail; each one every 2 weeks with a letter. Some times, the letters contained hurt. But mostly, they contained love.

I decided not to send the final piece. I thought to myself, maybe this piece, in my hand, could be me. So I returned home and delivered it in person.

I never knew I could love. But I did. And for that, I am proud.

Make your own puzzle with the littlecraftybugs company.


HowToUnii is an international student guide website – I created it when I went to France to study abroad and realised a few tricks off the books to make life easier, cheaper and more fun to be living in another country.



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