How to travel in Miami if you’re a Londoner

Despite my American accent, I have never actually been to the U.S. of A before. After 6 months of an incredibly hard-core and super awesome internship, I thought I deserved a treat. Skyscanner, thanks for getting me to Miami and back for £350 with your cheapest fare finder!

I landed in Miami at 8pm, and this was the time I start to get cranky (1am GMT). At passport control, I couldn’t help but perk up at the immigration officer’s joke about the possibility that I may stay illegally after my visa time is up. Can I get a hashtag #neveratHeathrow please? Those guys are way too serious about serious migration probs.

"Unless it's fake, then I'll have to take it away"
“Unless it’s fake, then I’ll have to take it away”

But to face the truth, it was definitely bedtime soon. I contemplated on getting a taxi, an Uber or a bus. Here’s why I ended up jumping on a Metrobus from the airport to Miami beach:

  1. I was in no way paying $32 to get to bed (though it may have been a nice, iconic, yellow taxi ride).
  2. There was is no payment card I could use for Uber that works like our beloved TransferWise. I would have gotten charged $20 + the hidden fees in their so-called exchange rate.
  3. Bus rides cost $2.65And I got to experience the following…

Buses are fast. I can see why Sheldon felt he had a need to strap himself to the seat with a bungee cord on TBBT episode, The Euclid Alternative.

Don’t look for a button. I panicked in the middle of crossing over the bridge to Miami beach (beautiful views of downtown in the evening), thinking, “OMG how do I stop this bus?!”.

Pull, don't press.
Pull, don’t press.

You may also find that 1 out of the 5 times you ride on a bus, you get a free ride because of the machine being “broken” :]

The Metrobus 150 takes you to Miami Beach in 30-45 minutes. You can find the bus stop when you take the MIA Mover to the station, exit past the ticketing kiosks and down the stairs. The bus stop will be the first on your left.

To be continued…

HowToUnii is an international student guide website – I created it when I went to France to study abroad and realised a few tricks off the books to make life easier, cheaper and more fun to be living in another country.



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