How to store your stuff during the summer holidays

Self storage sucks!

Putting the alliterations aside, a lot of my friends go home after term time here in the UK. As most student accommodations are contracted until the end of June, one (oh no she didn’t just speak in third person) can either:

  1. Send their stuff back abroad
  2. Leave their stuff to someone they know nearby
  3. Use self-storage

These are all fine and dandy solutions. But they are not exactly the cheapest, easiest or safest options.

Tananananananana, tananananananana, Boxman, Boxman!

For £5 per box per month, they collect your things from your term time address and even provide the boxes for you. The boxes are waterproof, and are monitored for security. The cool thing is, you can create an inventory online to label your boxes and keep track of all your things.

Here’s a table for easy digestion:

Storage solution Cost* Notes
 £197 Get a few friends to help with the move
 £348 An NUS card will give you a discount

Leave it at a friend’s/family nearby
 Most likely free BUT not everyone has this space
 £120 Storing 10 boxes saves you 50p per box

*This is the cost of packing materials, and getting 6 boxes to France and back to London after 3 months for comparative purposes.

Boxman just makes sense – period.

HowToUnii is an international student guide website – I created it when I went to France to study abroad and realised a few tricks off the books to make life easier, cheaper and more fun to be living in another country.



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